Hyundai i40: Think Again

Client: Hyundai Motor Europe GmbH
Brand: Hyundai i40
Agency: INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe GmbH
Category: Automotive
Country: Germany

The competition within the D-segment of the automotive market can be best described as crowded and if you are a new entrant you know it's going to be tough. This was the back-drop of the communications challenge for the Hyundai i40. Think of the prestige; think of the success and strength of such nameplates as the VW Passat and the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia.

The Hyundai brand was not known for a true competitive Compact Executive / Family car. More than that, it was not driven by a Compact Executive family type. Hyundai's existing audience base was a long way from the prestigious D-segment buyer. This required the campaign to be bold in how it attempted to communicate this breakthrough and also benefit the Hyundai brand.


Business Objectives:

  1. To establish a market share in the D-segment of 1.5% in the first year
  2. To gain a share greater than that of competitors.