What can Google's search data tell us about modern India?

Kartikeya Kompella
Lowe Lintas, India

Marketers search for trends and consumer insights in a variety of places. The clothes people wear, the gadgets they use, the movies they see, the books they read - all are interpreted in the search for trends. With the help of the internet, marketers today have new sources for trends and insights. An example is the data that can be generated by Google.

The tool is new and still requires much understanding, but its potential is exciting. Where else can one find that in the world's second-most-populous country, there is still a huge desire to know how to get pregnant? And, probably reflecting the breathless hurry of life today, the popularity of a correlated search of 'how to get pregnant with twins'.

Google is the market leader in search, with almost complete market share (97%) in India. With almost all searches being routed through Google - this search engine is the authority on what is being searched for. And people's searches reflect their interests, desires, intentions, fears, ambitions, hopes and plans.