Construction of a Methodology for Thinking Strategically about the Brand

Rita Almeida
Christina Palacios
Bertini Andre Furlanetto
Jos Luis Madeira


With US$ 18.8 billion invested in just six years (1996 2001), the Brazilian automotive industry is being completely redesigned. What was a predictable sellers market with few players for more than four decades has been transformed into one of the worlds most competitive car markets, second only to the United States in the number of makes manufactured locally.

In the wake of such an environment, the historical players were stimulated to reinvent all their operations. New plants were built, quality standards were raised, and a new breed of executives were locally developed or brought from abroad.

Increased pressure was also put on marketing planning procedures as new capabilities were required for operating in a dramatically changing marketplace. This article describes the research and planning tools jointly developed by Volkswagen Brazil and Almap BBDO in order to face the competitive challenge. It also covers how the deployment of these tools led to practical and objective actions not only in the marketing communications arena, but also in the overall Volkswagen operational strategy.