The Multichannel High Street: A nation of shoppers – but is it a nation of shopkeepers?

Key findings

  1. Many retailers have addressed the basics of multichannel retailing but few are yet to exploit the potential of a truly integrated approach which will foster customer loyalty, improve the consumers experience and generate return on investment.
  2. The needs of shoppers are changing and retailers that customise offers and tailor experiences across a range of channels are much more likely to succeed in the multichannel environment. Shoppers nowadays often expect a high level of personalisation in their interactions with retailers and want a genuinely integrated shopping experience.
  3. Retailers need to embrace showrooming rather than see it as an issue. Those that can make the shopping experience count – by employing educated staff that care about the brand, can interact with customers, close the sale and promote a relationship – are the ones that will still be 'open for business' in the next ten years.
  4. Companies need to take advantage of mobile technologies in order to boost brand interaction with consumers and convert them from browsers to buyers.
  5. The UK Government and private sector need to address the issues surrounding the cost of town centre parking if the UK is to have a truly multichannel high street where bricks-and-mortar, online and mobile can operate together.
  6. Shoppers' attitudes to the high street are beginning to change with more supporting independent stores and 'Made in Britain' brands.