Making mobile work for Ford and Nikon, and the latest insights into social networking - stories from Ad:Tech day two

Geoffrey Precourt
WARC Online

In today’s fragmented media-consumption landscape - with multiple platforms vying for consumer’s attention - how do marketers know which channels best extend their brand and reach their customers? Has the time come to include mobile in that mix? Four real-life examples demonstrate the medium’s potential.

These questions formed the basis of a panel discussion titled “Making Mobile Work”, moderated by Mickey Alam Khan, editor-in-chief of Mobile Marketer. The panelists were: Eric Eller (Senior VP, Products and Marketing, Millennial Media); Richard Trumble (Executive Director, Digital Strategy and Operations, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network); Steve Leonard (General Manager, Off-Deck, Motricity); Scott Margolis (Director of Digital Business Development, FOX News Channel & FOX Business Network); and Scott G. Silk (President and CEO, Action Engine).