Axe: Premature Perspiration

Agency: Ponce Buenos Aires
Client: Unilever
Product: Axe Full Control Male Antiperspirant Deodorant


Win the other half of the market

The deodorant category is divided between two product ranges: BodySprays (fragrance against odor) and Antiperspirants (protection against wetness).

Depending on the market characteristics and history, one category is usually preponderant over the other. This is not the case in Mexico, where the category is divided 50-50.

Before this campaign Axe was the clear leader in the BodySpray segment, with a 43.7% value share (BodySpray male market), but was struggling in the Antiperspirant segment with 16.8% value share (Antiperspirant male market). The brand was having a hard time trying to differentiate both ranges, because BodySpray represents 72.7% of Axe business and almost the same percentage of media spend. And that's how everyone pictured the brand.(1)