The Impact Of Cultural Change On Brand Marketing

Brands are primarily experienced visually, yet it has only been in the past decade, or less, that the  visual brand presence has been created ina strategic and holistic manner. Traditionally, a brand's visual aspect was merely an afterthought and was treated as decoration, with each agency (design firm, ad agency, promotion firm, online firm) having its own vision of how that brand's written positioning and essence could be brought to life. Consequently, those consumer touchpoints were often disparate rather than unified.

We are coming to recognise from recent scientific studies that consumers experience brands visually, as a totality, and a new importance is, finally, being imparted to visual positioning, the key to successful brand marketing. Moreover, since consumers experience brands emotionally, not through individual communications for example, advertising, packaging, online presence or promotions making an effective visual position is a prerequisite for delivering a consistent and successful message across media.