Pushing the boundaries of the 'research debrief' – quantifying the impact of strategic recommendations

Vittorio Raimondi, Nila Sanyal and Robin Cleland
Vanguard Strategy, United Kingdom


The future influences the present just as much as the past

Friedrich Nietzsche

At its core, the purpose of market research is to help managers make better decisions. In this regard, market research has evolved from standard data delivery to value-added interpretation of findings.

'Insight' is the buzzword of this decade, and the role of the researcher has become a relentless struggle to uncover new and interesting insights. However, we often encounter situations where the client's brand team fails to translate these insights into a robust action plan, and valuable research findings are lost in ill-conceived or poorly executed marketing strategies. Our experience suggests that this happens because the client is left with poor or no quantification of specific recommended actions on the business; as a result many key marketing decisions, while guided by market research, are still hinging on the marketer's gut feel.