Building a hotel brand – how a business class hotel discovered its brand DNA: Grupo Posadas and the Fiesta Inn Brand reinvent the business traveler experience

Zachary Conen
LRA Worldwide, Inc., United States


This paper describes the process by which Grupo Posadas discovered a disconnect between its seemingly high-performing Fiesta Inn brand and that brand's core customer, the business traveler.

In a market with a growing number of look-alike competitors, Fiesta Inn was confronted with data that indicated it was not creating a true bond with its clientele. Convinced that reversing this trend and constructing a unique “Fiesta Inn” experience was the only way to differentiate from the competition and grow market share in the long term, Fiesta Inn used a variety of research methodologies to strip the business traveler experience down to the essentials....and re-build the Fiesta Inn experience around a “Brand DNA” to meet each and every need of its business traveler guest. This paper will help address a number of issues – how a brand can differentiate itself in the marketplace using research as the driver; how research can help design a distinct, unique guest experience; how a “satisfied” guest might not necessarily be a truly “loyal” guest; and, finally, how research can help drive action, as insights without implementation are unnoticeable and of no benefit to the end user – the guest.