Giving Yeo Valley Organic the X Factor

Simeon Adams
Bartle Bogle Hegarty


This is the story of the Yeo Valley Organic campaign, one of the most talked about and successful campaigns of 2010.

It’s a great demonstration of how focussing all media investment behind one media property can create disproportionate value for a brand and how it can create an opportunity to engage mainstream Britain in a way that many industry observers believed was no longer possible.

It extols the value of working in partnership with media owners – in this instance, to unlock equity beyond advertising that can be taken right through to point of sale.

It is an assurance that a small brand with limited funds can embrace broadcast and social, not choose between the two. But that to do so it is essential to construct content with fame, noise and share-ability built in. And that is essential to plan how to socialise the idea.