The Future of Market Research in a Do-It-Yourself Age

Stuart Green,
Adelphi International Research
Catherine Munro,
Boots the Chemist


In recent years technological advances have increasingly enabled clients to cut out the middleman when researching their customers. This paper sets out to explore the implications of this Do-It-Yourself Age for the market research industry. The aim of this paper is not to provide a definitive answer since clearly, different industry sectors and research types will be impacted to varying degrees. Instead it seeks to capture recent trends and generate discussion amongst the research industry as to its evolving role. First we set out to elaborate on what we mean by the Do-It-Yourself Age. We then examine the different types of primary research, thereby exploring the relationship between outsourced and DIY research, and how this relationship is evolving. We also examine the strengths and weaknesses of both research approaches. Finally, there follows a discussion of how we believe this impacts on the market research industry and looking ahead, what the industry needs to offer clients in order to maintain relevancy and ensure demand for its services.