Coca-Cola Brazil World Cup: Wavin' Flag and Gol Ooool

Agency: JWT
Client: Coca-Cola
Product: Coca-Cola Brazil World Cup


The sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup is an initiative that has been for years, part of Coca-Cola's performance in soccer. In this scenario, the 2010 World Cup was a pivotal moment for the brand to consolidate its relevance in this territory, paving the way for the next edition of the tournament, in Brazil. One might think that the mere sponsorship and the large investment that accompanies it were enough to consolidate this goal. Nothing is further from the truth. There are several companies investing heavily, speaking of the same theme, seeking the same trophy: the consumer's attention.

And Coca-Cola did not step onto the field with the game already won: within the World Cup's advertiser world, the company ranked 7th in media investment volume, south of the amount invested by its archrival AB-lnBev. The latter would start off in advantage as the official sponsor of the Brazilian national team.