Volkswagen — A continuous focus on the ideal visitor experience: account planning the new

Tribal DDB


In this paper we show how account planning kept a continuous focus on visitors' needs, helping reach its highest share of visitors for automotive manufacturers' websites. By 2007, the website was six years old and needed a redesign. Besides, customer behaviour online had changed. Visitors had become more demanding of their online experiences as more of them got online; the web had become more sophisticated and so had visitors' skills. In the automotive category, more people than ever were researching what car to buy online and manufacturers' websites, to a degree, had taken on the role of dealerships. We identified insights for each of the key stages most people would pass when buying and owning a car. Our website had to help people progress to a further stage by addressing unmet needs. Through a continuous focus on the visitor experience and a planning effort to remain involved throughout the eighteen months of the project, we ensured that the website delivered at the end was aligned with our initial vision. Every part of the site is built around the ideal experience that online car buyers would expect from Volkswagen and makes every stage of buying a car more intuitive.