American Express Argentina: My Wish List

OgilvyOne Argentina

Entry Information

Category: Financial Products and Services
Country where program ran: Argentina
Date program started/ended: November 23, 2010/December 3, 2010

Product Description: The Membership Rewards program (through which American Express Cardmembers earn points with every purchase and redeem them for a variety of rewards) is recognized, valued and successful in Argentina. The program was launched in 1995.

Advertiser/Client Name: American Express Argentina
Media Channels:
E-Mail and Instant Messaging
Web Development


Marketplace challenge:

Argentina is a market where financial companies (banks, mainly, and also credit cards) only grow through focalized strategies with promotional activities, and where the main driver is based on discounts and offers in supermarkets, shopping, gas stations, electronics, entertainment, etc., supported with big advertising budgets. These are mainly strategies for the short term, and they don't generate value for the brands. There is no turning back for this situation: it's become a commodity, and the main sales argument for these products.