American Industry Overview: Salted and Roasted Nuts and Seeds

This category includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing salted, roasted, dried, cooked, or canned nuts or in processing grains or seeds in a similar manner for snack purposes.

The salted and roasted nuts and seeds industry shipped more than $6 billion worth of goods in the late 2000s, according to 2008 figures. About 130 establishments were in operation, employing 5,300 people. Salted or dried peanuts accounts for about half the snack nut market. About 6,100 farms produced peanuts in 2007. For the 2008-09 growing season 5.1 billion pounds of peanuts generated $1.2 billion for peanut growers. The rest of the snack nut market was split among mixed nuts, cashews, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, and macadamia nuts. Salted or roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other seeds are also included in this category. Nuts and seeds are sold both packaged and as bulk food in grocery stores.