Agency: Gold Greenlees Trott Authors: Simon Clemmow and Damion O'Malley

The Effect of Advertising on the Launch of Shakers Cocktails


This paper attempts to assess the part played by advertising in the launch of Shakers Cocktails. It is difficult to isolate the effect of advertising on any new product launch, since the results of the marketing effort cannot be compared with historical brand performance – the only possible direction is up! What we have done in this case is compare the performance of the brand in advertised and non-advertised areas with its overall performance nationally, and in doing so we believe that the positive effect of the advertising has been conclusively demonstrated.

Although Shakers is now an established brand, having been in national distribution for two years and having received the support of two television commercials and a radio campaign, we have restricted ourselves to the first year of national distribution (July 1982–June 1983) for the purpose of this paper. The discussion therefore concerns the first television commercial only.