The Promise Of Fusion

Erwin Ephron
Ephron, Papazian & Ephron Inc.


It is almost a species imperative. Brands strive to grow because big brands survive and prosper. They are the most profitable and the easiest to sustain.

But it is hard to have big brands without big media, and that need for big media reach, in the face of TV fragmentation, has pushed advertisers towards media-mix.

This is more than a flow-chart strategy. A media-mix requires combining data sources to estimate cross-media duplication and campaign reach and frequency. Television and print top the list of databases that need to be integrated for true media-mix planning. A monumental job.


The brass ring of media-mix information is not data integration, it is 'single source' a study accurately measuring many media and product-use in a single national sample. The single-source studies we currently use are a shadow of that promise. The glaring problem is the television recall measurement they are forced to use. Today it is impossible to obtain accurate TV information without using a meter, because fragmentation results in shorter tuning intervals, which neither the diary nor aided recall can accurately record.