ARF Annual Conference Day Three

Wrigley uses research for innovation; P&G moves from asking to listening

Geoffrey Precourt
WARC Online

The number of new consumer products in 1991 was 54,400; in 2008, this figure had increased to 75,069. But 7% of those 1991 product offerings were completely original. In 2008, that innovation factor had dropped to 1.3 percent.

The difference, according to Phil Roos, managing director of the Arbor Strategy Group at GfK Strategic Innovation, is that 21st Century new-product introductions often are not "never-seen-that-before" breakthroughs but, more often, work that has been seeded in customers' minds by other innovators who may well have been ahead of the consumer point of product comfort.

There was a range of digital music players before the iPod, health-food markets before Whole Foods, search engines before Google, low-fat sweeteners before Splenda.