IBM: Aurora's Idea

Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam


With solutions for today's challenges in traffic, energy and safety, IBM is striving towards a 'Smarter Planet' to make our world work better; a vision that goes beyond a mere business proposition.

IBM wanted to get this vision across to leaders in business and government in the Netherlands that see IBM primarily as an IT supplier. But due to a limited communications budget, IBM can't use mass media. To open doors towards collaborating with organisations on innovative solutions it was important to communicate the message in a simple and compelling way. Not by telling, but by experiencing.


The target for the campaign was to increase 'Smarter Planet' turnover by 5%. The business target for 2012 was 292 million Euros.

For paid media, click through rates were benchmarked at 0.11% for and 0.09% for LinkedIn. The objective on YouTube views was set on 5.000, based on a benchmark of a previous Smarter Planet campaign that collected 3222 YouTube views.