Old Spice Body Wash: The man your man could smell like



Old Spice introduced body wash for men in 2003. And with total body wash sales recently eclipsing those for bar soap, many male brands (including Dial, Irish Spring and Nivea) have swooped in to get a piece of the pie. In fact, by 2009 the competition had become so fierce that Old Spice’s share in the male body wash segment was starting to slip.

To make things more difficult, Unilever announced it would be launching a big campaign for Dove Men+Care body wash on the Super Bowl in February 2010. With legions of loyal female shoppers, Dove was in a great position to win big in the male body wash segment.

“The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” was thus created to spark a dialogue between the sexes. In a low-involvement category, could this charismatic and suave character convince both men and women to choose the manly scent of Old Spice body wash over “lady scented” brands?