McDonalds – My greatest feat

Category: Corporate Image/Reputation (Gold), Healthy Eating Active Lifestyles (Bronze)
Agency: DDB New Zealand Ltd
Advertiser: McDonalds


My Greatest Feat was a brave campaign which took big risks to ultimately deliver significant rewards for McDonalds. It captured the imagination of the target audience and motivated them to take action to deliver McDonalds its strongest ever result in the New Zealand market.


McDonalds bears the brunt of many claims around rates of obesity, especially in children.

It's global sponsoship of the Beijing Olympic Games provided the unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in this arena, and provide one child with the trip of a lifetime to the Olympics.

DDB knew, that leveraged in the right way My Greatest Feat would also inspire consumers to love McDonalds, not just for their food but for who they are. A chance to create a paradigm shift and move the dial on brand trust.