Bausch & Lomb: Building sales aids that sell

Kieron Mathews and Siva Raj
Kadence International and Bausch & Lomb


Detail Aids are short 'Product brochures' that Pharmaceutical Sales Reps use to explain their products to Health Care Professionals. The Detail Aid test has become a mandated process and less of an inspirational insight tool. However Kadence International USA has developed a new methodology to test and improve Detail Aids, in conjunction with Bausch & Lomb. This method is based on three pillars that have revitalized Detail Aid testing: 1. The Detail Aid is tested in its 'natural habitat' by a Sales Rep pitching the product. 2. The Sales Rep is "real", selected from the Bausch & Lomb sales team, creating amazing levels of buy-in. 3. Neuroscience techniques of Facial Coding and Heart Rate Analysis allow the researcher to get behind the 'poker face' that the Doctor puts on when confronted with a salesperson, to measure their emotional response.