Waalwear men - Its all about the suit

Agency name: Selmore
Client name: Waal wear men
Category: Integrated communication


In its eighties heyday, Van Gils stood proudly alongside Hugo Boss as a cornerstone of men's fashion. Since then it had dropped into obscurity, overtaken not just by high-end designer brands but also leaner, meaner, challengers such as Suit Supply. It no longer had a place in people's mind and hence their wardrobes either. Our challenge was to put it back on the map. We couldn't go toe-to-toe with Hugo Boss because of budgets, so we had to do something smarter.


The objective was to create as much ‘rumour around the brand’ as possible with a limited budget, and, by doing so, revitalise the Van Gils brand in its four main markets: The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. Secondly, the Trade-in sales (presales) had to increase during the two months after the campaign.