Channel planning out-of-home: Moving target

Scott Thomson

Naked Communications

Evaluating how a multi-channel strategy will perform is a bit like predicting the outcome of a chess game, but there are methods to aid the measurement process

Twenty years ago, world chess champion Anatoly Karpov, who was generally recognised as the best tournament player in the game's history and a pillar of Soviet sport, visited Glasgow. Dodging the ‘attractions’ of an industrial town in recession, he got straight down to business and took on a dozen of Scotland's top chess players in simultaneous games.

One of these challengers was my older brother, just shy of his 21 st birthday, and, as our new national champion, eagerly awaited his chance to go toe-to-toe with ‘the Muhammad AN’ of his chosen sport. For him, as the underdog, things were either: going to go very badly very quickly; or, with some sustained effort, could turn into a battle of attrition that he would find difficult to win; or, with a bit of timely innovative creativity, there was a strong possibility that it could go extremely well, given that Karpov had a number of other games to distract him.