IAB Future Trends Volume 2: Businesses of the future

Stuart Aitken


  • Projecteo – The tiny Instagram projector
    Anna Watkins, Managing Director and Head of Digital at Initiative, and Sean Singleton of The Singleton Consultancy, explain why a project from a man barely one and a half years out of college is already overfunded.

  • FORM 1 – An affordable, professional 3D printer
    Tim Elkington, Director of Research and Strategy at the IAB, argues that the FORM1 could be the new iPod.

  • BrainRead
    Arno Hummerston, Managing Director, GfK Digital Market Intelligence, argues that, despite its dodgy name, BrainRead could be a competitive advantage for the individual of the future.

  • Pi Flavours – Raspberry Pi case
    Oli Newton, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Starcom MediaVest, has intensely mixed emotions over the case designed for the revolutionary Raspberry Pi.