How to Prevent a Hangover

Brave Strategies for Difficult Times

Tony Hillier
Marilyn Baxter
PIMS' and Hall & Partners Europe

In May 1999, PIMS (Profit Impact of Market Strategy) produced the definitive report on the lessons learned from recessions occurring over a 30year period. Now, in 2001, as the slowdown in the economy reaches more and more sectors and the worlds experts are agreed that the effects of low growth in the US economy are moving to other markets, it is worth revisiting this data to dig for further insights.

To boldly go is the clear message for business strategies to aid success through a recession. For strong businesses, bold strategies are the way to continue thriving, and for weak businesses they are the route to survival. The research based on the PIMS Database of business performance, points to very clear strategies for securing the future both during and after a recession in other words how to maintain profitability through the bad times and achieve superior sustainable growth during recovery.