Got Milk?: “Planet In Need”

Category: Beverages, Non-Alcohol
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Client: California Milk Processor Board


The story behind the original “got milk?” campaign is relatively well-known and documented. After years of declining per capita sales in California, a fresh initiative was launched in 1993 to reactivate milk purchasing.

After extensive research and some intuitive guesswork, the client and agency arrived at the realization that they were marketing a product that nobody cared about – unless it wasn't available. The classic “Deprivation” campaign was born, notable for the fact that the product hero rarely appeared in the advertising itself. “got milk?/Deprivation” worked, and sales increased as people started buying and keeping milk in the fridge. “got milk?” was able to keep milk fresh (no pun intended) and became one of the country's longest running and most liked campaigns.