Building a WOM-friendly business: Insights from the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Summit 2011

Steven Van Belleghem

Word-of-mouth (WOM) is high on the marketing agenda. But how does it actually work in practice? The Word-of-Mouth Marketing Summit 2011, held in Las Vegas, looked at examples of companies that are rethinking their approach to marketing and their customers.

What drives good WOM?

Rod Brooks, current president of WOMMA (Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association), declared that there are five criteria a brand should meet in order to be a conversation-worthy brand:

  • Credible: a brand needs to be credible and authentic
  • Respectful: a brand needs to be transparent and credible
  • Social: a brand’s stories must be easy to share
  • Measurable: turn word-of-mouth into a success indicator of your company and make WOM measurable
  • Repeatable: this is not a one-off campaign, but a continuous brand experience