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Passat: A Car Built Out Of Obsession


Most great advertising campaigns are not born out of a sudden flash of inspiration from the planner, but are the result of a long and exhaustive process. The role of planning has been compared to that of a detective in this respect: You may well stumble across the murder weapon but it is much more likely that you will have to weigh up all the information, know which questions to ask, and more importantly know when to spot a clue. In the case of Passat, the input of planning was not in briefing, the team in a sauna or uncovering a single golden nugget of knowledge, but in continually helping and nudging the creative process at all its stages of development.

This paper will show that planning contributed to producing award winning creative work not only by providing the ammunition for the creatives, but also by:

  • Helping to set the competitive context within which the advertising should work (both in tone and content).
  • Providing genuine insights into the target audience.
  • Ensuring that the communication built out of and contributed towards what Volkswagen stands for as a marque.
  • Encouraging intelligent media implementation.