Integrated marketing communications. What is it and why are companies working that way?

Philip J. Kitchen,
Strathclyde University; Marketing Department,United Kingdom
Don E. Schultz,
Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism, United States.


This paper is one of a series relating to a continuing, now becoming worldwide, investigation of the emergent concept of integrated marketing communications. The original research in this field commenced in 1991 by faculty at the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University, United States (Caywood et al, 1991). This paper extends knowledge on how the concept of integrated marketing communications is diffusing by providing an initial analysis of data on how senior advertising agency executives perceive integrated marketing communications use and development in the United Kingdom. It provides a perspective on the current state of integrated marketing communications and levels of implementation and usage in an important segment of the marketing communications landscape. It is being followed up with further studies with advertising agencies and marketing organisations in the United States, India, and Australia.