Getty Images: Ultimate Pitch

Touch DDB


Category: Business and Consumer Services
Country where program ran: worldwide
Date program started/ended: April – June 2008

Product Description: Getty Images offers so much more than just imagery. For starters, it has a brilliant footage and music library. But no one knew this, until our campaign challenged creatives from around the world to answer a brief using this wealth of content.

Advertiser/Client Name: Getty Images
Media Channels: DRTV


Marketplace Challenge:

Despite being the biggest Image Library in the world, Getty Images were faced with strong competition from new digital asset libraries. Some offering content from $1.

Our objective was to establish Getty Images as the creative one-stop shop by letting creatives know all about their new high quality Film and Music content. But we didn't just want to tell people about it, we wanted to let them play with the new content, tell someobody else about it and ultimately generate sales.