The Big Idea - Canteen Corporation: The Parsley-Colored, Synergistic, Coin-Operated Syndrome

Ramon G. Gaulke

This talk is titled ... THE PARSLEY COLORED, SYNERGISTIC, COIN-OPERATED SYNDROME ... and it's supposed to deal with a big idea.

Most really big ideas can be traced back to some given moment when a change took place in the market ...although the change often goes undetected until it becomes observable on someone's balance sheet. This particular case deals, in part, with vending machines – and they go back a lot farther than most of you would guess ... in fact there's been some talk about an apple dispenser in the Garden of Eden, although I don't give the story any credence. Let's just say it has been evolving since the first century A.D. when the mathematician Heron of Alexandria complained about a temple urn that failed to spurt lustral water when he deposited his coin.