Research communities in Asia Pacific: A review of similarities and contrasts

Ray Poynter
Vision Critical, UK


Online research communities have become a mainstream approach in the market research world (Poynter and Kaylor, 2012). Communities are widely described as the fastest growing of all the major, new research methods, with current estimates placing them at about 3% of all market research spend and with some forecasts predicting that communities may account for 15% – 25% of all research spend within a few years (Murphy, 2012) (Fernandez, 2012) (Conner, 2013). If these figures are even broadly correct, then research communities will account for more research dollars than is currently accounted for by traditional focus groups and more than is accounted for by CATI (telephone) surveys; both of which are listed as 13% of global research spend in the 2012 ESOMAR Global Market Research Report (Raben, 2012).