Is My Advertising Building Brand Equity?

Rosana Couto
Business Director, Indicator Pesquisa de Mercado, Brazil.
Leda Kayano
Market Research Director, Motorola, Brazil.
Tom Gallagher
Regional Director (Americas), NFO MarketMind, United States.


'Advertising is a game of chance. Even if you are a major marketer, served by a major advertising agency, you have around a 50% chance of running advertising that won't do anything for you and in some cases will actually hurt your brand.' Marder (1997)

An emphasis on advertising awareness and advertising diagnostics is no longer sufficient for evaluating the impact of advertising and other marketing communications. The measurement of advertising campaigns must also assess both the short and long term effects on the brand. For example, advertising tracking studies should be sufficiently sensitive to answer questions such as:

  • Is our advertising reaching and influencing our more vulnerable customers and best prospects, or are we just 'preaching to the converted'?
  • Are we increasing our base of loyal, committed customers?
  • Are we improving overall consumer affinity to our brand?
  • Are we absolutely certain we are not harming our brand in any way?