The Warehouse Limited: Get in on the secret part 2

Aim Proximity


Category: Retail/Direct Sales
Country where program ran: New Zealand
Date program started/ended: 9th - 14th February 2009

Product Description: The Warehouse department store - NZ's largest retailer.

Advertiser/Client Name: The Warehouse Limited
Media Channels: Direct Mail


Marketplace Challenge:

The Warehouse is New Zealand's equivalent of Wal-Mart. With 83 stores nationwide, it provides low cost products across all categories to the masses. Valentines Day is a key date on all retailers' calendars, and one that is fiercely competitive to see who can shout the loudest 'clichéd' messages of romance to sell flowers, jewellery & chocolates. The main target market for Valentines Day are men. However, as a retailer that focused primarily on women's apparel and homeware, only a small and relatively unengaged portion of The Warehouse's database were males. We needed to appeal to these men in a clever low-budget way that would cut-through the standard Valentines messages. We wanted to generate word-of-mouth, and drive them instore to purchase something for their loved ones. We had set a high standard with the previous year's campaign that involved men taking credit for an airplane-towed banner with a romantic message directed at their loved one. This year we had even less budget (just US$14K), yet we needed to do something even more impactful to meet our commercial objectives.