Branding: Digital architects needed

Vicky Bullen and Christian Barnett
Coley Porter Bell

Using the analogy of builders versus architects in the construction industry, Vicky Bullen and Christian Barnett describe how to move beyond function and become a brand architect in the digital world

EVEN A cursory review of advertising history reveals that whenever a new medium appears, it takes time for advertisers to learn how to develop creative approaches that fully exploit its potential. So, early press ads reproduced the salesman on the doorstep and early television ads were simply animated press ads.

Exactly the same argument applies to digital developments. When it comes to branding online, we believe that the digital world is still so new that it is missing a trick or two. But the size and scale of the changes wrought by the digital revolution have been so huge and all-encompassing that it's hard to get a clear view of what those tricks might be.