Meat & Livestock Australia: Lambnesia & A 9 year old idea smashes all sales results records

Agency: BMF

Advertiser: Meat & Livestock Australia

Authors: Christina Aventi, Sarah Hood and Andy Ford

Total Campaign Expenditure: $1 – 2 million

Executive Summary

The Australia Day Lamb campaign has been monumentally successful to date. But we were in danger of Sam's entertainment value overshadowing our drive to sales.

By evolving the structure of our campaign, we were able to leverage Sam's fame, whilst reminding everybody that Sam was first and foremost a Lambassador.

Lamb sales surpassed all expectations, increasing for the 9th successive year, smashing our target by 51% and generating YOY growth of 13.4%. Moreover, the campaign enforced the association that Lamb was our national meat on Australia Day, and beyond.

Strategic communications challenge