The Admap press media race 1994

Harry Henry


For some time past it has been Admap's practice to publish, as early as possible, details of the display advertising expenditures (at card rates) recorded during the year for the highest-scoring national newspapers and consumer magazines (the Register-meal 'Top 150'), showing also the percentage changes from the preceding year. The leading 50 of these are then tracked, monthly, during the ensuing year. The 'Top 150' league table for 1994 appears as Table 7 at the end of this article. However, from the enormous mass of detailed information in the Register-meal databanks, some tables are drawn which it is judged will be of particular interest to Admap's readers. Comment in detail is obviously impractical, but attention is drawn to some of the more interesting figures.When considering the figures of annual percentage change it must be remembered that, where a particular publication did not exist in 1993, obviously no change from that year can be shown. Such cases are marked 'n/a' (standing for 'not applicable'), which is also used where a publication was launched part way through 1993. And 'nc', of course, means 'no change'.

Expenditure by press categories