Bauer Hockey – Bauer is Back

Category: Influencers
Brand/Client: Bauer Hockey
Primary Agency: OLSON


In 2008, Nike sold off Bauer Hockey. With one sudden swoosh, away went the Swoosh—and the massive budgets that come along with being backed by a marketing juggernaut. Bauer would now have to face off against superbrands the likes of Reebok, all by itself.

The good news was that we had a revolutionary new skate and a website to launch, and we were the most authentic name in the game. The bad news was that everyone else in the category had a new product and site to launch, too; they had the budgets to scream a whole lot louder than us; and the name “Bauer,” though synonymous with hockey and all its traditions, was also perceived by players as being a bit outdated. To make matters worse, the economy wasn't doing anyone any favors, especially hockey families—who already have to shell out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for their kids' gear every year.