Branding the United Arab Emirates: Interview with Charles Wrench

Landor Perspectives 2010

In these uncertain times with companies going out of business everywhere, standing out to be noticed by consumers and the target audience is more important than ever. The same goes for countries that are trying to attract investment; the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is no exception.

Charles Wrench, CEO of Landor Associates, talks to Reena Amos Dyes of Emirates Business 24/7 about the importance of country branding and the UAE'S branding of itself.

How important is country branding in these trying times?

In this ever flatter and intensely competitive world, where access to capital, talent, ideas, and consumers gets ever easier, the need for countries to proactively organize themselves to compete for their share of the market becomes more evident by the day, especially in the current economic scenario.

One other thing I would stress: As the world gets busier, the brandscape more populated, and the level of information that surrounds us increases exponentially, we increasingly advise our clients to focus hard on finding or creating a few truly powerful stories that will cut through the clutter and impose a clear understanding of what is special and different about their brands on the wider consciousness of any given market.