Unlocking barriers to high ticket purchase

Sunita Venkataraman
Intel, Singapore
Radhecka Roy
Ipsos, Singapore


Indonesia is fast emerging as a key market for most companies and there are many things we know about Indonesia today, for instance:

  • There are over three million Blackberry owners connected to the Internet;1)
  • 94% of all Indonesians watch TV, but interestingly, resort to multiple screens independent of content, location or occasion;2)
  • Sales of cars, consumer electronics are booming.

Yet, in many ways, Indonesia continues to buck against many a mature-market trend:

  • Despite strong growth, PC sales remain lower than the claimed desire;
  • It has one of the lowest circulation for credit cards;
  • Global monoliths figuratively tear their hair wondering why their flagship brand of beauty cream/shampoo/fruit drink/soft drink does not enjoy quite the same reverence and success as in rest of Southeast Asia (if not all Asia). (See figure 1.)