Agency: Partners BDDH Author: Jane Lingham

London Underground

Litter pickers make the Tube run faster

The background

Making great ads for London Underground is tough. All of London and a great deal of the rest of Britain knows the Tube is far from a flawless product and that lack of investment is manifesting itself in operational problems throughout the entire network. It's now almost customary for the 'Good morning' greeting which accompanies a colleague's arrival in the office to be followed by 'I've had an awful journey in this morning' and then subsequent tales of crammed tube carriages and train delays. Our biggest challenge therefore is that any perceptions we endeavour to change for the better can be undermined by experience of the service: in the run up to the launch of the campaign we are talking about, a significant section of the Victoria line had been shut for three weeks, news of an imminent reduction to the District line service had just broken [1], and escalators were causing disruption at a number of key stations (including Oxford Circus and Charing Cross).

The task