Beiersdorf: Nothing beats the iconic power of black & white

Agency: Draftfcb

Advertiser: BEIERSDORF

Authors: Simon Murphy and Leonie Ballach

Total Campaign Expenditure: $1 – 2 million

Executive Summary

Nivea is known for it's skincare rather than it's deodorant expertise. In 2011, Nivea saw an opportunity to increase its strength in Australia's deodorant market by launching a new product range with a consumer relevant yet untapped category innovation. The aim: successfully launch Nivea Invisible for Black & White deodorant into the 'no residue' deodorant category. The challenge: drive brand growth as a relatively small player in a low interest, highly penetrated category against longstanding category experts with high media spends.

This is a story of how Nivea became number 1 in the 'No Residue' Deodorant category in only 18months.

Strategic communications challenge