Building profit through innovation in property development

Matt Elliott, David Laffin and John Marinopoulos


The challenge

VicUrban, owned by the Victorian State Government in Australia, is a sustainable development agency that aims to be the leader in creating and delivering thriving places and spaces for the future. VicUrban do not only consider where people live, but how they will live, how to satisfy the needs of people without ever forgetting the needs of the environment; offering choices that are affordable today, yet priceless for tomorrow.

One of the most critical challenges facing Victoria is housing a rapidly growing population. The Victorian State Government is looking to VicUrban, its development agency, to address this challenge by delivering diverse housing types at various price points to meet the requirements of the growing and fragmented property market.

While addressing this important challenge, VicUrban is also required to operate commercially and to generate a financial return to the Victorian State Government.