Storytelling: Socialise the story

John Sadowsky
Grenoble École de Management

People love to share stories and leveraging the power of a social network is an effective way to develop and spread a brand narrative.

This article addresses two basic questions. First, why is storytelling effective for communicating and building a positive brand image? And, second, what are some of the best practices of organisations that are using e-marketing to spread their stories?

As such, I will present four concepts about the power and effectiveness of storytelling, each one followed by an industry example.

1 A story is more credible than other types of communication

When presenters try to convince us with concepts and theory, we often look for flaws in their reasoning. On the other hand, when a speaker tells a personal story, we tend to relax, to let it in and accept it. Because stories enter our minds naturally and without resistance, we embrace them more easily than any other form of discourse.