Speed Read – Unleash innovative spirit

Nick Jefferson

This Speed Read was originally published in Admap - March 2013 issue.

The Science of Serendipity illustrates how organisations must innovate and explains how practical steps can be taken to ensure that the environment is right for one or more of the workforce to come up with that spark or 'moment of serendipity'

In a jargon-free style built on a practitioner's observations and anecdotes, The Science of Serendipity traces the dilemmas that executives face when it comes to innovation. Tapping into 20 years' experience on the front line of innovation, Matt Kingdon of What If! dissects the ways in which corporations are reborn. He looks at the anatomy of innovation, asking: How do time-pressed executives go about taking risks? How do they prepare to see – and seize -opportunity? And how do you place humans at the heart of commercial success?