TV planning: Convergent behaviour

Dan Hagen

The coming together of the point of engagement and the point of transaction is crucial to convergence and this is where advertisers need to be focusing to make best use of the evolving TV landscape

I last wrote about the changing TV landscape in Admap (July/August 2012). The story then was very much about optimising budgets across TV and online video, in order to maximise the combined impact, primarily from a reach and engagement perspective. The out-take was that spend, with some geographical variances aside, was lagging consumer use of these channels. Developing ad models and a lack of robust or consistent measurement was a chief inhibitor to increased growth.

Now, almost one-and-a-half years later, much has changed, but, alas, much has not. In terms of investment, we're still stuck somewhere between 5% and 20% of 'broadcast' investment going into 'online video'. This depends mainly on the country you're in and the age of the audience you're targeting – younger equals more money in online video. The definition of online video can be problematic, but generally covers programmatic video, pure online play as well as broadcaster VoD, all delivered over a number of platforms.