Keep listening to that wee, small voice

Leo Burnett
Founder, Leo Burnett

Hardly a week passes that I don't get a letter from a young man or woman, a college professor or some-body asking me if I think there is as much opportunity in the creative end of the advertising business today as there was when we set up shop a little over twenty-five years ago.

My answer is always an emphatic “yes”.

I take the attitude that advertising was just invented yesterday. By that I mean that advertising should not be regarded as a static, formalized business but a fluid and dynamic force in modern communications. I believe there is an unlimited opportunity in the business for any creative person who approaches it from that point of view.

What opportunity do you want? What rewards? Money? Satisfaction of accomplishment? Responsibility? Prestige? In my view, the advertising business offers all of them today as it never has before.