Qualitative insights on-the-go: A mobile qualitative multi-country study about on-the-go eating habits in APAC

Norbert Wirth and Susie Zeng


Globally, and particularly in the APAC region, there is a proliferation of devices allowing fast and easy access to the online world. Over the last decade the internet grew beyond its technical infrastructure, and nowadays it is an important commercial environment and social medium. Digital technology is changing how consumers communicate, gather information on products and services, and how they engage and interact with brands. Consumers constantly use the internet to share emotions, ideas, and opinions on-the-go, via smartphones or tablets, which makes it increasingly possible for us to understand consumers' feedback and behavior in real-time.

This paper discusses how we captured and recorded consumers' feelings and behaviors in real-time across 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region: China, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. We will also show which research tools and engagement techniques were selected and why, illustrate how we made our research design different from traditional approaches, discuss the results, and share the challenges we encountered during this research study.