ANWB - Dries komt waar Fons nie komen kan nie

Agency name: the people's valley
Client name: ANWB
Category: Small budget Campaign


Dutch telecom company KPN introduced a commercial in which Fons, the clumsy singer, is stranded on the German highway with car trouble. The car trouble causes him to miss his career breakthrough in Germany.

Two weeks later, Holland was going mad due to the news that the famous Dutch singer Dries Roelvink had released a German single in Germany and was planning a big tour. Dries had not yet scored a hit in the Netherlands but was still very famous due to commercials and television shows. The fact that he recorded a poorly translated German single caught the attention of the media, friends and foe.

Following numerous blogs, interviews, news reports and television items, the truth came out. It was a hoax! Dries had indeed recorded a German single, but never intended to conquer the German market. It was all part of the online campaign ‘ANWB voor Bedrijven’. In the online commercial Dries, unlike Fons, conquers the German music market, because well-organised entrepreneurs who are covered by ANWB's breakdown service do not have to worry about car trouble.